Turkey Trips – 2 ‘Edirne’ was realized on 20th October 2018

     As Istanbul University International Student Office, we organized a-day long Edirne tour. We took the road to Edirne with our 40 international students and a professional tour guide.


     Our first stop was Second Beyazıt Külliye where is an old hospital and educational field of medicine. 

   Then we went to Pazarkule Border Gate.


​    We watched Edirne over Maritza/Evros River.


​   We refreshed the bodies with the Edirne Cigar and local sweets at lunch.


​    And then we went to “Grand Synagogue of Edirne” by walking.


​   Eski Mosque and Üç Şerefeli Mosque were among the places we visited.


​    As last stop, we went to Selimiye Mosque, listened its history from our guide and had a rest.

     And finally we went back to Istanbul.