Turkey Trips– 1 ‘Bursa’

     As International Student Office, we organized a trip to Bursa, on 15th April 2018 Sunday, with our international students. Due to the high demand for the trip, the quota was restricted and the tour organized with 80 students and a professional guide. 

     During the trip, the historical and cultural sites of Bursa were visited. We traveled to “Aktopraklık Höyük” where its historical history dates back to 7,000 BC and its excavations were conducted by Istanbul Unıversıty Faculty of Literature, Prehistory Department. We reviewed historical sites and historical ruins.

     We visited Osman Ghazi and Orhan Ghazi Tombs in Bursa which was the capital city of the Ottoman Empire. After that, we were in the Grand Mosque and the Green Tomb. We watched Bursa from Tophane.


   We returned to Istanbul with the sharing of travel memories in buses.