The results of Research on Perceptions of International Students at IU for Turkey, Istanbul and Istanbul University announced.

Research results were evaluated by IU Rector Mahmut Ak, Director of IU International Student Center Prof. Dr. Faruk Taşçı and Director of IU City Policy Center Prof. Dr. Murat Şeker. 

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak mentioned that as Istanbul University they care about international students. Prof. Ak said that they are trying to offer the best academic and other opportunities for international students. Noting that they will continue to support these studies as the Rector's Office, Prof. Ak said that they want to touch their international students more closely with the International Student Center. Prof. Ak reported that this research is the first study for international students at a university in Turkey.

After Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak's speech, Prof. Dr. Murat Şeker touched on the important parts of the research results. Prof. Şeker stated that the data collection process was carried out face-to-face with tablet support for 434 students from 56 countries. Explaining that although there are English and Arabic language options for questions and answers, most students want to continue in Turkish, Prof. Şeker stated that a total of 59 questions were asked. Saying that the most participants are from Azerbaijan, Syria, Turkmenistan and Iran, Prof. Şeker said that there are many participants from other countries. According to a study released by Prof. Seker, "Turkey" means primarily "homeland, brotherhood, Ataturk" means; "Istanbul" means primarily "the Bosphorus, the crowd, mosques, historical places and the sea"; "Istanbul University" means primarily "history, education, good, quality, success, science and Beyazıt".

After Prof. Dr. Murat Şeker, Prof. Dr. Faruk Taşçı made some suggestions based on the research results. Prof. Taşçı started his speech by explaining that their intention was to continue the study when they started the research. Stating that they are currently doing a descriptive study as an initial intention, Prof. Taşçı said, “There will probably be a repetition of this study in 3 years and we will see studies where analysis is intense through repetitions. Our goal is not to take and leave a picture, but to see the transformation of this picture. Thus, we want to generate ideas about what to do in the future according to this transformation. "

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