Regional Acquaintance Meeting – 3 ‘The Balkans’

Regional Acquaintance Meeting – 3 ‘The Balkans’ has convened on 24th November, saturday evening, in Bahariye Mevlevihanesi with Cooperation and Solidarity with Balkan Muslims (BESADER). Coordinator of International Student Office Assoc. Dr. Faruk TAŞÇI and the head of BESADER Semih ŞENKARDEŞLER gave a short speech to get in contact with the students who attended from different countries of the Balkans.

TTAŞÇI said “You have so many common ground to hold you together even you’re all from different countries. People who have common grounds can strike up a friendship even when they are from different countries.” in his speech and emphasize common ground, love and brotherhood. He made a mention of decedent Prof. Dr. Sabahattin Zaim who is a immigrant from Balkans and his value for the Balkans, the Ottoman and Turkey.

ŞENKARDEŞLER said “October and November months are anniversary of Balkan War I, and it can be repeated unless we understand the reasons of this tragedy.” in his speech. He reminded Alija İzzetbegovic’s speech in Islamic Conference Organization and added “Alija says ‘Islam is the best but we are not. The two of them are different things but we confuse them. We should compete with West instead of hating them.’ ”