Prof. Dr. Cevad Heyet: Defenders of Turkey-Iran-Azerbaijan Fraternity, graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine

"Cevad Heyet was born in Tabriz on May 24, 1925. His father, Mirza Ali Heyet, was one of the pioneers of the Constitutional Monarchy in Iran. In the following period, he worked in high-level state positions such as the attorney general, the president of the court of appeal, the ministry of justice. He was the representative of the Islamic community in Iran. He was the head of the aid committee sent from Iran against the Armenian occupation in Nakhchivan. has been.

Cevad Heyet completed his primary school in Tabriz, secondary and high school education in Tehran and started his medical education at Tehran University in 1941. At the end of second grade at the instigation of his father he came to Turkey at Istanbul University and continued medical education. During this period, he was interested in the history and literature of the Turks. Cevad Heyet, who graduated from the medical faculty in 1946, then completed his higher education in the second surgery clinic of Istanbul University, which would last for three years. After that, he went to Paris and continued his education there for three years. He returned to Iran in 1952 as a specialist surgeon. His medical work has been appreciated and awarded with the Iranian state medal. Cevad Heyet's achievements in the field of medicine made him a world famous doctor. Cevad Heyet was elected as a member of the Paris International Academy in 1983. More than a hundred scientific articles have been published in the world's leading medical journals.

He opened the Turkish Cultural Center in Tehran in 1993. Thus the recognition of Turkish culture in Iran and has contributed to the development of friendship between Turkey-Iran-Azerbaijan this occasion. Istanbul University awarded Cevad Heyet with honorary degrees of Turcology (23.01.1997) and Doctor of Medicine (12 March 1997). Turkish Language Association has chosen Cevad Heyet as Honorary Member (08.06.1996). "

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