Explanations on Some Issues Concerning Our Center Due to Coronavirus

Dear Student,

1) In accordance with the decision taken within the scope of the fight against coronavirus, our university was vacationed between 16 March and 6 April 2020. During this time, we may have students who want to go to their country. Students leaving Turkey, 14-day quarantine on their return to Turkey will be compulsory. Our advice is that you stay in Turkey. However, it is also free to leave Turkey. On the other hand, if you leave Turkey, Turkey's doors next to the 14-day quarantine may be able to completely shut down. Please take this possibility into consideration.

2) Due to the coronavirus, the delivery of student residence permits to the Center has been postponed to the last week of April. The document will not be accepted in March.

3) We minimize face-to-face contact due to coronavirus. You can contact by e-mail (isumer@istanbul.edu.tr) or phone (02124400000 - 12351) for any needs. If you have to come to our center, please keep a distance of 5 meters. Do not be insistent for more.

4) Until a second announcement, the face-to-face working hours of the Center will be between 11-15.00 on weekdays.

5) If you were recently outside Turkey, you should spend your first 14 days in your home. If you think you have symptoms of coronavirus, you should go to the Istanbul University Medical Faculty emergency department or the nearest hospital emergency department.

Thank you for your understanding.