Decision Has Been Made on Istanbul University Spring Term Courses

In the Senate of our University dated 18.02.2021, a multi-faceted evaluation of COVID-19 was made. In this context, critical factors such as the number of our national and international students, their mobility, dormitory and accommodation facilities, and transportation activities in and out of the city have been brought into the agenda separately. As a result of the evaluations made, the following decisions were taken:

a) Theoretical lessons will continue to be held with digital facilities and distance education method. However, the following faculties will have face-to-face training in their clinical practice in the following classes: Faculty of Medicine (4th, 5th and 6th grade), Faculty of Dentistry (4th and 5th grade), Faculty of Pharmacy (5th grade)

b) Except for the above, the lectures, applications and exam activities of all academic units in our university's associate, undergraduate and graduate programs will be carried out with digital facilities and distance education methods.

c) The courses to be held with digital opportunities and distance education methods will be held with synchronous (online, live course) and asynchronous methods.

d) In postgraduate education, doctoral qualification written and oral exams, thesis proposal presentations, thesis monitoring report presentations and thesis defense exams will be held face-to-face or digitally, in line with the advisor's preference.

e) Students who do not want to continue their education due to pandemic concerns or accommodation will be able to benefit from the right to freeze registration.