Country Days-4 "Bangladesh" Program was Very Festive

Istanbul University International Student Office signed another festive program. Bangladesh Country Day was held on March 12, 2019 at the Rectorate Building's Doctoral Hall. The program was attended by students from many countries, mainly Bangladeshi students.


The program, which was also hosted by Bilal Bal, began with the reading of Turkish and Bangladesh National Anthems.

After the presentation of the office video, Assoc. Dr. Faruk TAŞÇI (Office Manager) greeted the participants. TAŞÇI underlined that people should know each other to have intimacy and brotherhood between countries. He said that country days are important for this.

After Taşçı; Dr. Sedat MURAT (Vice Rector) spoke. In his speech, he emphasized that the brotherhood of the two countries was based on ancient histories and drew attention to the friendship between the two countries.

Mohammad Monuril Islam (Bangladesh Consul General in Istanbul) is said: "I am very happy to have such an event in Istanbul University ... March is very important because we won in March our independence ... There's an emotional bond among us... When I first came to this country, I felt like I was in my home."


After a short welcoming speech by Momin Momin's (Bangladaş Student Union President Istanbul-Turkey), country presentations were made and Bangladeshi students demonstrated traditional shows.


The students sang, read poems and act out the wedding ceremony in Bangladesh.


At the end of the program, students were offered henna on the one hand, and on the other hand (from Bangladesh flavors) biryani was served.