Country Days – 1 ‘Kazakhstan’

Rector of Istanbul University Prof. Dr. Mahmut AK, Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan of Istanbul and many deans, faculty members and hundreds of students attended to first country day.

In her speech, TAŞÇI expressed her happiness to be a part of a well-established university such as Istanbul University. He added “There is a tremendous accumulation, advantage of being rooted. I can easily say that our office team is working with a very serious love and enthusiasm. As International Student Office, we do many activities. Istanbul culture tour, regional meeting breakfasts can be an example. We started our event with the introduction of the country day and these events in Kazakhstan. We want to get to know both Kazakhstan and Kazakh students. In this respect, this program is very important.”

Rector of Istanbul University Prof. Dr. Mahmut AK said “There are nearly 2,000 Kazakh students already in Turkey. Nearly 200 of these students are university students in Istanbul. This means that 10% of all Kazakh students in Turkey that is a gratifying rate for us. As the University, we strive to ensure that all our students are satisfied with the teaching process. Especially for our 8000 international students, we are in a multifaceted effort. As an indication of this, we are organizing such a program by the International Student Office to introduce and recognize Kazakhstan within the scope of Country Days. I wish that our program would be beneficial for the participants and I would like to say that I am satisfied with your participation.”

Mr. Yerkebulan SAPIYEV mentioned that they met with a very nice event and added: “Today we have acquired great information about Istanbul University. In fact, everyone knows Istanbul University. It is a huge and giant university. Istanbul is a beautiful city in the World, and Istanbul University has a history as its history. I am very proud to be present at this university. Dear Rector and you are dear young people, who helped make this university known worldwide. I think studying at this university is a privilege.”

On Thursday, December 21, at the Istanbul University Congress and Culture Center, the students from Kazakhstas made presentations on their countries. In addition, Kazakhstan's voice artists performed Kazakh folk songs with local dombra. At the end of the program, participants were served Samsa from the local Kazakh flavors.