Announcement to Students About the Fall Semester of the 2020-2021 Academic Year

In the Senate of our University dated 08.09.2020, the progress of the COVID-19 Global Epidemic process and its possible effects on the 2020-2021 academic year fall semester activities were evaluated in a multifaceted way. As a result of the evaluations made, in order to contribute to the reduction of the spread and not to endanger students, academic and administrative staff and the general public health in our country, where the global epidemic and the risk of contamination on the one hand, and the activities aimed at minimizing this transmission on the other hand, The following decisions have been taken for the fall semester of the year:

While not compromising the qualification achievements of programs at all levels,

a) Apart from the fact that the practical and clinical practice courses of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy and the State Conservatory are carried out face-to-face by taking the necessary health measures, the course, application and examination activities in the associate and undergraduate programs of all academic units in our university are carried out with digital facilities and distance education methods,

b) Continuing non-thesis master's programs with digital opportunities and distance education methods, taking into account the large number of students,

c) Master's and doctorate programs with thesis can be continued with face-to-face education, depending on the situation that necessary measures can be taken within the scope of the global epidemic,

d) Conducting the courses to be held with digital possibilities and distance education methods both in synchronous (online, live course) and asynchronous (eight content type teaching materials to be uploaded to İÜÖYS) within the framework of the program and course hours announced by the academic units.

During the global epidemic, we make every effort to carry out education and training activities in the most efficient way in terms of the health of our students; We hope to meet again in our classes in a short time.