To contribute to the vision of international students to maximize the satisfaction level of Istanbul University with the mission of qualified education, solution-oriented administrative operations, financial support and integrative social, cultural and sportive activities.

Office Team

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faruk TAŞÇI / Office Coordinator 


                                                                                          Dr. Osman AKGUL / Vice Coordinator

Sibel IŞIK / Office Staff
Fatma Zehra AKTAŞ / Office Staff

Ramazan TEMEL /
Part-time Student
Part-time Student
Turgut ÜSTÜN /
Part-time Student
Part-time Student

• Higher Education Law (2547)
• Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510

• IU Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education Regulations
• IU Graduate Education Regulation
• IU International Joint Graduate Education and Training Programs Regulation for Double or Common Single Diploma
• Regulation on Graduate Education of Higher Education Institutions (UAK)
• Regulation on Transition between Programs at Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree in Higher Education Institutions, Double Major, Minor and Inter-bank Credit Transfer (HEC)
• Student Disciplinary Regulations of Higher Education Institutions (YOK)

• IU Foreign Students Admissions Directive
• IU Diploma Directive
• IU Regulation on the Principles of Transfer between Houses and Institutions
• IU Double Major Program Directive
• IU Minor Program Directive
• IU Student Dormitory Directive
• IU Student Council Directive
• IU Student Disease Reports Directive
• IU Directive on Equal Opportunities in Education for Special Needs Students
• IU Master's Program of Preparation for Graduation
• IU Undergraduate Programs Internship Directive
• IU Guidance Counseling and Social Support Unit Directive

• IU Principles of Pre-Bachelor Degree, Bachelor of Measurement and Evaluation
• IU Associate Degree - Undergraduate Note Transformation Table
• IU Graduate Note Conversion Table
• IU Procedures and Principles for Determination of Success Rank of Undergraduate and Undergraduate Graduates
• The Principles Regarding the Taking of Students from Other Universities from Summer Schools